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Emerging Sprouts merges the child centered Reggio Emilia philosophy with the Forest School philosophy. Traditionally we have met outside 100% of our school year, with COVID19 we took a break for one year from in person classes, but now we plan to re-open in person classes to support families who know that in person learning is best for their child. Emerging Sprouts Forest School creates a safe in person education centered around the interest and needs of the children in our small classes.
Principles by which we guide our curriculum:
We see children as co-creators of their learning process in the forest and the classroom.
We provide Reggio Emilia inspired Forest School curriculum. We believe each group of children bring their own unique interests to school. Our curriculum is based on the interest of the group, ever-changing and documented by our teachers on a daily basis. 
At Emerging Sprouts we believe that every child should have access to expansive nature, nurturing teachers, and peer to peer education. 
Emma Emmerich, Founder and Director of Emerging Sprouts and Emerging Learners is an Early Childhood Specialist and has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for the past 15 years. 

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