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We Believe in Children



Emerging Sprouts merges both classroom and forest environments. our program sees children as co-creators of their learning process in the forest.
We are a Reggio Emilia inspired Forest School. We believe each group of children bring their own unique interests to school. Our curriculum is based on the interest of the group, ever-changing and documented by our teachers on a daily basis. 
At Emerging Sprouts we believe that every child should have access to expansive nature.


our teachers

Director and Teacher:

Emma has spent the past 12 years teaching preschool and working as a Child Development Specialist.  She founded emerging Sprouts forest school because she saw a need for children to have access to nature and being outdoors. She graduated from San Francisco State University with her bachelors in Early Childhood Education. Emma loves to be outside playing and has a deep love for the curiosity of children. 


Joanne graduated from Michigan State University with her degree in Environmental Science. She has spent the past four years working with children in various Outdoor Education settings. Joanne brings her love of nature and animals with her to the forest classroom, often stopping to point out a plant or natural phenomenon in the forest. 


Emma is an amazing teacher,

with a loving heart, strong

boundaries, and a strong sense

of magic and fun. She's also a fierce role model--particularly for young girls and gender non-conforming children--in a world of princess girls and lego boys. I can't think of anyone better to guide a preschooler through forest adventures!


Aya de Leon

Author and UC Berkeley faculty

Emma’s real world depth of

understanding of child develop-

ment has been garnered from

both formal education and years of working with a wide range of children in many different contexts. She is patient, constructive and allows children to take appropriate risks. Add in her naturalist skills and understanding of how nature can benefit children and you have a recipe for a forest preschool.

Jason Neumann

Public Programs Manager, Cincinnati Nature Center

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Open House

Coming Up: 

Emerging Sprouts Forest School warmly invites families with children 14 months - 10 years old to our Open House.