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The Start of another year!

At Emerging Sprouts Forest School children participate in routine activities daily. Students know what to expect because of the consistency set forth in the schedule by their teachers. These routines are like instructions---they guide children’s actions toward a specific goal. We use the word routine since our goal is to move through the day accomplishing our agenda with flexibility. The time we spend on each activities is dependent on the children’s interest and involvement.

Photo: Minka and Aviv intently look at and watch the worm in Orion's hand.

Circle time is part of our daily routine. Teachers select one child for specific job when they display a quiet finger and a calm body. Jobs include: holding the schedule, passing out musical shakers, choosing the songs we will sing, reporting the weather and collecting name cards.

Kailash holds the schedule Aviv passes out musical shakers Koa chooses a song

Often, "Ducky" makes an appearance to take part in the discussion of the day. Discussion involves allowing students to choose where they want to hike and the activity they want to do at our second location. Children are encouraged to share their preference and opinion. They vote by raising their hands if they want to.

Discussion time Orion picks up name cards Ayelet observes the weather

Climbing Trees

It wouldn't be a typical day At Emerging Sprouts Forest School if students didn't climb trees. Children decide what their own limits are. We, as adults support them in making safe choices for their bodies and allow them to think through what they are doing. We ask questions such as, “how does that feel?” or "do you feel safe?”, "what is your plan?” This freedom allows for children to both think about their own limits as well as be in charge of their bodies. Orion said" Let's all get on the train."

Each time we return to a park, children are able to build upon their success from the time before. "I never climbed this far on this tree before", said Violet. or, "I couldn't get here by myself last time", said Mina.

We can't wait to see new individual benchmarks when we return to the Berkeley Marina next week!

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