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Is bedtime a Battle? 
does getting out the door in the morning exhaust you? 
Are you left drained and wondering why it's so hard to do simple tasks with your child?  

My Name is Emma Emmerich and I help parents and teachers struggling with difficult behaviors and tantrums. 

I was given all the ‘bad kids.’ The children everyone else had given up on.

It was a recipe for burnout and a hardened heart. But I thrived, and so did my 'misfits'.


I’ve worked with every child. From shy to explosively hitting, kicking, and screaming. 


So when I tell you, I will teach you to confidently handle explosive behavior I mean it. 


5 years ago I opened Emerging Sprouts Forest School so that I could offer spirited and strong-willed children a school that was designed for social-emotional learning, in an outdoor setting. Instantly my school was fully enrolled with a waitlist.


I constantly hear frustrated parents saying “Am I doing this right?” and “I just want him to be able to not go into that dark place when he gets upset.”


Listen, if there was a right way to parent we wouldn’t be here right now, but there are developmentally appropriate ways to support your child and I can teach them to you in a fraction of the time it took me to learn them. 


I can help you take the battle out of bedtime, and even get to the place where daily routines are not only easy they are even fun and don't drain all of your energy!  

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14 years ago I started out teaching in a windowless basement preschool.
Back then, I was known as the 'new' optimistic teacher. 

Ready for a change?

Stop Struggling
Video Conference

This work is for you if you want to

  • Stop struggling with your child's explosive behavior.

  • Have more happy moments with your child.

  • Know what to do to stop a tantrum before it starts.

  • End the explosive behavior without yelling.

  • Help your child to process his/her emotions in a healthy way.

  • Support your child to become more resilient

I guide parents and teachers through the process of loving your role, creating new and healthy patterns, and help you track the progress you are making through all of it. 


Become the parent or teacher you have always wanted to be, nothing is holding you back. 


See measurable growth with your child or students in the next six weeks.

If you know how to respond you will never tell yourself you don’t know what to do when he/she starts to throw a tantrum


When it comes to solving for behaviors… I live by one rule.


Find and treat the root cause of the explosive behavior.


You will no longer struggle when you understand what the true cause of the behavior is. 


I can teach you how to identify and solve for the true driver of the behavior.


But this isn't an entry-level one size fits all parenting course.


My coaching is for parents and teachers who want personalized support, are committed to leaving explosive behavior behind, and are ready to learn development-centered approaches that actually work.

Father and Son Playing

Arjun, Parent

What was most helpful was the real-world practice and feedback in applying the theory.


A typical day with our son is one of frenetic energy and curiosity sometimes leading to breakdowns or tantrums. 

What shifted for us was Emma's framing of how to communicate with our child, when and how to set boundaries, and how to ride through inevitable high emotion situations.


What was most helpful was the real-world practice and feedback in applying the theory. It's one thing to read tactics from a book, and a completely different thing to have a coach provide you with support and feedback.


We all grow up with a blueprint of how to raise a child. For good or for bad those blueprints are based on our memories of our own childhoods.


It made us feel quite relieved, less alone, and more confident, to get a fresh take on child behavior and how to observe it and nurture it. We still have the same energetic and curious kid, but now we have a framework to fall back on that lets us direct that energy in a positive way.


Lovell, Parent

Working with Emma became a safe space for our family

I wanted a space where exploring was encouraged and our voices respected. We come from communities where this choice is frowned upon, abnormal, and misunderstood.


Working with Emma became a safe space for our family. We felt safe speaking respectfully to my son (and each other) instead of feeling obligated to seek control. We were encouraged to put up healthy boundaries and encouraged my son to do the same. In turn, this created a mutual respect and ended a lot of the “battle behavior” we were facing.


The difficult and highly sensitive kid we thought we were struggling with just wanted to be heard as badly as we did. It also gave us “parent friends” who had the same goals as us. When I think back on the growth, I’m grateful


Joy, Parent

The main change for me has been more confidence and competence.

When I first considered working with Emma, I knew it was time for a big shift. I had become very burnt out and wanted something more enriching and enlivening for myself and the kids. My main hesitations were price, and being unsure of the value I would receive from coaching. I had never had coaching before and was used to just figuring out things on my own. It turned out to be extremely helpful to have Emma as a guide.


The main change for me has been more confidence and competence. Emma was also excellent at reassuring me whenever I was anxious. I often doubted my ability to pull everything off, especially under short timelines. Emma expertly broke all the tasks into manageable pieces and provided moral support to help me recognize the capability I already had.

This coaching is most appropriate for someone ready to quickly make big changes. If you are excited to change but not sure where to start or feeling overwhelmed, Emma will definitely help you with everything, from the big picture to the little details.

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